Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi everyone,
Hope your weekend was relaxing.  Ours definitely wasn’t.  We had a working bee at my mother in law’s house as the estate is being put on the market. So, despite the torrential rain and wind we’ve had here for the ENTIRE week, we were outside waterblasting the exterior, weeding, cleaning windows (inside) and clearing it of furniture.  A sad time, but part of life’s path.

Most of the furniture has already gone, but there were these two pieces which turned up at my house along with some lovely old wooden picture frames.

I really like the shape of the console table, the legs and it’s the perfect size for a small wall just outside my bedroom.  In this picture it looks red, but it's in fact a dark mahogany.

At the same time we painted our bedroom – purple – we painted this small wall that is at the end of the hallway a dark blue.  It doesn’t get any natural light so was a risk painting it this dark, but I really like it.  However, that’s as far as it’s gotten. No decorating or vignette as you can see.

My very unfinished hallway

Currently there is this old school locker there, with two mirrors, one of which has to be hung above – but which one?

Now of course is the conundrum of putting the console table there.  A dark wood against a dark wall color, and not much light.

Now I’m a painted wood furniture kinda gal while The Hubby rolls his eyes and says you can’t paint good wood. But… I can dream.  What do you think of it being a bright white, or a sunshine yellow, maybe an aqua  - blue against blue – hmmm.

The console I’m pretty definite on.  But wonder whether sanding all those curly legs is just a tad too much work.  Maybe that’s where milk paint could come in.

Decisions, decisions.  What would you do?

And then  there is small round table. 

I love the shape, but not the dark wood again, though the grain is lovely.  Now I know someone who would love it as it is.  But…could I modernize the style of it by painting it…hmmm  - even more decisions.

On pinterest I found these examples all on Pinterest - you can check them out on my Pinterest Page

This one i've showed you before. 

But how about these for color!

Perhaps for my small table

More of the same punch of color

Am a sucker for blue. It's  got a gold frame above and gives me an idea of how it will look with my gold framed mirror.

A lighter color against a darker wall - hmmm

More sunshine!

 Definitely a sucker for blue!


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  1. You could paint the console in a coat of Annie Sloans Pure White then sand it back a little and wax with clear wax. Alternatively you could paint first in a colour to match your wall, then paint the white over and where you sand back a little the blue should show through...a thought.

    I would use the larger mirror and maybe paint that to match the console...just another thought. My husband is the same thoughts as yours, I have a huge cabinet I would love to paint white but he is more than digging his heels in, although he is coming around to smaller items.

    Lee :)