Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi everyone

Well after the horrendous weather of last week, this week has turned glorious – thank goodness.  Don’t think I could take any more rain and wind like Mother Nature dished up to us a week ago.

But here we are in mid-July and strange as it may seem, spring is showing her beautiful head  with daffodils  in bloom in our paddock.  Unfortunately our baby goats thought they were delicious!!  So the yellow sunshine of the daffodils are now more.

However, I purchased some spring flowers.  I love their richly deep scent that frangrants an entire room.   I cut the stems on an angle, cutting off about 1 ½ inches.  I believe that when the stem is on an angle it has a broader base from which to suck up more water, and hopefully live longer.

I only wish I had smell-o-computer so that you could inhale their scent. 

The vase that i'm using is one that I inherited recently when my mother passed away and of course the cloth is one I also made recently, a pulling thread method that my mother used to make. So this little tablescape really has some memories.

Enjoy their beauty nevertheless.


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