Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hi everyone

I've been a tad quiet on the blog front lately. Sorry about that. Just life getting in the way - a sprained wrist one week and a cracked rib the next!  Hopefully things don't really go in threes!

Because it's winter down here in New Zealand and today we're in the middle of a big wind storm, so i'm inside thinking about projects, but struggling with motivation.

A while ago when I was perusing Pinterest I spied a home made scent for the home made from  lemons, rosemary and vanilla.

I have lemons and rosemary in the garden so ventured out into the wilds of the windy storm and picked 2 lemons and the rosemary sprigs.

I just used my regular vanilla that I use in baking. However, I did spy natural vanilla at the supermarket, so maybe that might be a really good product to try.

In the pot and on the stove until it heats to boiling point and let it simmer for a while.  The fragrance is quite mild, but what I've just noticed is that when I go out of the room, and then come back in, the fragrance is really noticeable and quite gentle.

Something fun and easy to do on a wild and windy day.

Other ingredients you could try - oranges, cinamon, lavender.  How about a beautiful lace handkerchief wrapped around sprigs of dried rosemary, or lavendar. Maybe even add some dried lemon balm or verbena.

Here are a couple of ideas I found on Pinterest I might look into.

Eucalyptus hanging in the shower!  Great for the sinuses!
From Pinterest

I thought these were really interesting, but not sure what liquid is in the jars.  
From Pinterest

Have a sweet smelling day.


PS sorry about some of the grainy pictures, not sure what is going wrong.


  1. Also Jane, if there's a particular scent you like, for example lavender, you can purchase the essential oil. I apply it to the corner of my bed pillow, out of the way from where my face will be, and it's a great relaxant. It helps me relax and get to sleep. Jasmin is also good for the same thing. The possibilites are endless though.

  2. I also use lavender on the pillow, must remember to get some more essential oil! Jasmine i haven't heard it being used in a similar way, will definitely try it.