Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hello everyone.

It’s a beautiful day down here in my little piece of paradise.  At last the heavy rain has stopped and the sun is shining.  Hopefully it will last!

One of the things I decided I wanted to learn this year is how to make front door wreaths.  As a writer I create words and stories, but I really wanted to do something different, and wreath making is creative and colorful.  So for me it fits the bill perfectly.

Wreaths are not common decorations down here in New Zealand, except at Christmas time, but I wanted to try and make a different one for every month.

Well, June kinda went by and nothing got done. So I determined on this lovely sunny day I would make my version of this

From via Pinterest

It’s been a bit hard to gather the materials, because as I said it’s not common so therefore the products and supplies are readily available.  However yesterday I did score some lovely chiffon stuff that sparkles.

I started off using those white twigs which had been in this tablescape

Cutting them to size I overlapped them and then tied with a green pipe cleaner.  I hoped that by using them and because I was using green deco mesh and ribbons etc, they wouldn’t stand out too much.

Next came tying on the deco mesh, looping it in several places and again using those pipe cleaners to secure it in place.

Next came the silk flowers.  I used these lovely yellow silk tulips, just tucking them into the twigs and again securing them. So too with the green feathers, though perhaps in hindsight I should have placed those on the opposite side. Oh well, it’s a learning curve!  (And oops i forgot to take photos of both these steps - as i said...learning curve!)

Chiffon next, looping it around the mesh, tying it into the twigs.  Same too with the green ribbon.

I’m really pleased with my first attempt at copying something I’ve seen on Pinterest and it’s given me the confidence to keep learning and trying different ideas.


  1. The door wreath turned out great Jane, a powerful green you used there. I have often seen wreaths on American bloggers sites and thought about doing them but never got around to it. You have inspired me to put together one when we get our new front door. At the moment our door would not do any wreath justice.

    You have such a wide creativeness which I really admire.

    Lee :)

    1. Hi Lee, I love front door wreaths, it's one of those things i really want to do more of. It has been hard to find supplies however, though yesterday i found a great supply of deco mesh at the Ikes store in Orewa.