Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hi everyone

Well the rain has really set in here - actually it's going sideways, so I'm snuggled up inside and doing a few crafts.

Recently I purchased some lovely turquoise hessian fabric with a project in mind.

 When I got engaged a lifetime ago my mother gave me some home made pulled thread placemats and table napkins.  Thirty one years later, I still have them. I wanted to create a table runner using the same pulled thread technique.

 They're a bit tatty at the edges now, but well used and well loved.

With mum's ones, a thread was pulled then a zig zag stitch sewn on the inside of the pulled thread, however, i decided to forego the sewing machine effort and create two bands of pulled threads.  Hopefully it'll work out.

One problem I had was cutting a straight line of the threads and there is a 'homemade' look, but hey, I keep repeating to myself it doesn't have to be perfect, but just DO IT.

So that's another craft project to tick off my list.

Happy days


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