Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hi everyone,

Hope your weekend is going great.  All over and done with down in my part of the world and Monday morning I've woken to a rather gray day and it looks like it's been raining over night.  Oh, well, I suppose the fabulous fall weather had to end eventually.

With the change in season, I am finding I'm focusing more on projects to be finished - yes THAT BIG LIST again.

This time it's curtains for the master bedroom, and the family room.

Now as you know I chose this fabric for our master room headboard.

And the purple is the wall color - all four walls, though one is a mirrored wardrobe too and another is a sliding door out onto the patio.

Not that it's any closer to getting the headboard done, but... well, good things take time - at least that is what I'm telling myself.

So the conundrum for the curtains is this - do I go simple white/off white (boring??) or do I go color co-ordinated. I could have chosen the co-ordinating fabric to the headboard fabric, but it was a tad too much I thought, all stripes in yellow, purple, pink and green.  I did find a nice off white fabric which had a thin purple stripe in it (intermittently), but felt that it could be like sleeping in a room with a white sheet hanging on the window - and yes, we've probably all done that in our student apartment days, and I'm all grown up now, so want a big girl room!

These are some options I've come up with 
The Samples from Martha's Fabrics - a fabric heaven in Newmarket, Auckland.

 The check is actually reversible, white check, or purple check.
 The reverse side

 The darker purple fabric, I think might be adding too much purple in the room.

I love the lemon and white print, but again I think it's adding another major print to the room, given that we already have a striking print for the headboard.

Then there is this stripe which i quite like...but....

Oh...decisions, decisions.

However, I think I’ll be going with the reversible check fabric, using the white check as the side facing the room.

Or... there is another option.  Go with a plain velvet headboard (silver gray??? or even a dark purple) and use the original headboard fabric for the curtains.

 Here's some Pinterest ideas

 From Pinterest - the Missing Piece

From Pinterest -

What do you think?

Happy days



  1. Gosh decisions, decisions. If you are going to have that striking fabric for the headboard, I think you might be best to go with plain curtains. What about a really soft gauzy linen in a pale mauve colour or colour picked out of that fabric, I think that they have some gauzy linen in Marthas. Then though you would have to back the fabric, maybe you could back it with a soft grey. If you then went with a grey velvet headboard it would look stunning.

    A grey velvet or linen headboard (if not in direct sunlight) would work well with the purple check fabric as curtains too.

    Lots of decisions for you to make, I am a terrible procrastinator, so wouldn't want to be in your shoes. I am starting on my bedroom next and I will have to go through the same procedure but creating a mood board definitely helps.

    Lee :)

    1. Hi Lee, yes decision making is tough and procrastination is my middle name. I love your post on making the headboard, - will be showing it to hubby when i enlist his help. Definitely think i will go with themultiple colored fabric for the headboard, such a statement, still in love with the check!!! Just call me the color girl