Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hi everyone,
I’ve been a tad remiss in getting some blog posts up this week, but finally I have something.

I may have mentioned that I wanted to knit a cushion, you know like those lovely ones you can buy that are all cable knit.  I know you can buy old sweaters at thrift stores, but I did worry about cutting the knitted garment and if all the wool would unravel, so I forced myself to knit.

Now to get this into perspective you gotta realize I haven’t knitted anything for 30 years!  I so relied on the grandparents to do the knitting for our children!

Another confession – I can knit plain stitch and purl, but don’t ask me to do them together! And follow a pattern – that aint going to happen as I’m definitely challenged in that department.

So I got me some needles and wool and knitted – plain stitch all the way.  I had no idea how big to make it, etc, which really was a big oopsie on my part because realistically I had no idea what I was doing. But I just kept on knitting and it was rather therapeutic to be doing a craft while my life was chaotic with bereavements and STUFF.

Then there was the saga of how to stitch it together.
Well, I eventually figured I would crotchet it together.  That worked. Doesn’t look too bad.
Next problem.  How to attach the little crocheted loops I was going to use for the toggle buttons I also had to figure out how to attach.  – Seriously I think I’m challenged, but I did eventually get it sorted.

Only then I lost the toggle buttons I had specifically brought. Couldn’t find them anywhere.  So I went out and brought some more and oh, yeah, my daughter found the lost toggle buttons after I got home with the new ones.

Dilemma – I liked both styles. Which do I use?

Finally the loops are in place, the toggles are in place, and I used an old cushion inner, cutting it down to fit.  I think my cushion has that homemade rustic look don’t you think?  Not perfect, but I made it and that's what counts.

Next it’s onto finishing the crotchet blanket my mother was doing.  That is coming along nicely, once I figured out how to go around the corners!

Happy days and hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


PS - okay yes, that is cat hair on the sofa and shock, horror some grit in the grooves of the dining table.  See, definitely perfect, but it is the home we all love.


  1. What a great idea and you did a really good job considering you haven't knitted for so long. I was wondering about knitting a throw for my sofa but still haven't got around to it. (still not getting your updates via email :(

    Lee :)

  2. Hi Lee, yes i'm quite pleased with the knitting the stitches are reasonably even and i only dropped a stitch twice, though it was a tad nerve wracking trying pick them up. Still can't figure out why the email feeds aren't going thru, have checked settings, they seem to be right