Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hi everyone

A little while ago we finally got rid of the beige hallway and painted it white  - Dulux Alabaster to be exact.  But of course to paint we had to take ALL the artwork down and as with these things it takes FOREVER to get it back up on the walls.

Then there is the decisions of let’s try a little something different, in a different place, and all the art work you’ve forgotten you had stashed somewhere.  For me also, it was the sad situation of losing my mother and mother in law within days of each other, and of course bringing their possessions to our home, which included some photos etc.

So with that in mind I wanted to create a memory wall and have put up photos of grandparents, parents and wedding photos etc, along with photos of our children.

So I started with this conglomeration!
Laying them out on the dining table, trying to get some idea of layout.

Included in my stash was this cardboard letter B I’ve had for sometime (about 3 years!) and was determined to put it up this time.

And ended up with this.

It was a bit hard to take a distance shot as the dining table was behind me.

I know that two pictures look not quite straight, and though I’ve used those Command Velcro strips it just won’t hang right.  I keep telling myself it’s the overall view, not perfection that is required.

Hope you agree.

What would you put up on your gallery wall, that isn’t strictly art?

Happy days.


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