Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hi everyone.

Oh, yes, we have an oopsie!  Actually, it was rather a shattering oopsie that woke me up – and the entire household  - at 2.30 in the morning.

Remember this lovely wall of photos.

Grumbles from the Hubby did not produce him scrambling from a warm bed to traverse the house to see what had happened.  Oh, no, that was my duty. And lo and behold what did I find. A shattered vintage frame and glass scattered across the hallway tiles where several moments earlier it had graced my beautiful gallery wall of family photos.

 This little part of the wall now looks like this

Yes, we have a naked photo.

The photo in question was a childhood one of my mother and rather special because she passed away just four weeks ago.  When I went to hang the photo I noticed that the frame did not have those little metal bits or wooden bit holding the photo in, but it had been taped to the back of the frame. So thinking this would be okay, given that the frame was now going to be hanging from the wall rather than gracing a side table, I hung it.

Big oopsie!

See it's still hanging, tape and all, just minus the frame!

The frame was a plaster of Paris one, all gilded and rather lovely, but sadly it is no more.  So swept up and dumped, I am surprising left with the backing and photo still attached to the wall.  It looks rather arty – at a push – without a frame, but because it’s the only one (so far, fingers crossed) without a frame, I’m now on the hunt for another vintage frame.

I feel a flea market jaunt coming on this weekend.

Happy days and hunting


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