Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hi everyone,

The weather is glorious and unseasonably warm for nearing winter now.  Clear blue skies today, not a hint of a cloud, and while some in the country are having snow and chilly days, up here just north of Auckland where I live, it’s rather balmy.

However, it is autumn and you can tell that by the changing color of the landscape. Leaves are slowly turning all shades of reds, oranges and yellows and a puff of wind and they’re swirling across the ground. 

Over the weekend I wanted to experiment with the beauty of nature and my daughter and I gathered some autumn leaves to create a leafy display.

Here’s what we started with.

This is a bullet case and normally it is home to a bunch of cane twigs and some straw flowers I purchased in Russia nearly 18 years ago. They’re a little worse for wear now, but have special memories, and life for me is all about creating memories.

These are the leaves Yana gathered.  See the beautiful colors, all speckled and color-tipped.

I wasn’t sure whether to leave in the cane twigs, but because I wanted to showcase (fancy word for putting it somewhere!) beside our fireplace, I thought the height the canes would offer would be good.

Basically it was a matter of ‘shoving’ in the leaf branches and trying to get a triangle shape.  I read that somewhere that triangle is the shape you use for floral art – not that this in any way could be called ‘art’!

Next we put in the sad, but treasured, woven straw flowers.

So here it is in all its artistic glory.  But actually I think it is the color that is glorious.  Isn’t nature wonderful, being able to turn something so lushly green into this golden halo of color.

What is your favorite way to bring nature into your home?

Happy days.

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  1. What a lovely arrangement, as I gaze out my office window I am watching a tree turn from green to red and gradually loosing its leaves. I should go and pick some up and make a winter arrangement like you, very clever.

    Lee :)