Monday, May 26, 2014


Hi everyone

Well, as I said, I've been really busy in my daughter's bedroom.  She only comes home at the weekends, so it makes it a bit easier getting in their and fluffing it up.  

Yesterday, remember I showed you the inspiration room 

The things we took from this room, was it's overall country feel, the white and red color scheme and of course, the checks.

First off, the white furniture.  Yana had a dressing table that has seen a variety of colors over the years, lastly it had bright pink drawers. - read that as flourescent pink - ask The Hubby why he painted them that color and the reply is because that was the paint he had on hand!

The dressing table is one that was given to us when Yana and her sister arrived in our lives from Russia in 1996.  The handles on the drawers are modern which really are not my choice but my daughters. I’d love some glass ones, or vintagy of some kind like this

Via Tracy Harper Morrison on Pinterest

Via on Pinterest 

See I told you a room is never finished.

The curtains I must say were a great success. I made them myself!!  Pat on the back!  

(Don't look at the wrinkles the dog has made!  But he is cute, isn't he?)

I was going for the country look and chose a large gingham check.  They are on those curtain clips so no bothering about tape and pulling the tape threads, that is certain to divorce material.  The curtains are basically a large pillowcase in some ways. I stitched the 3 sides with the backing lining and then once they were hung I left them a few days (a month!) and then hemmed them by hand.  I much prefer a hand-stitched hem than seeing the stitching through the fabric.

Art work was simple and from The Warehouse, plus a few framed family photos.

I will admit they're a tad crooked and yes they're not necessarily spaced perfectly... but it doesn't have to be perfect.  She loves her room, and that's satisfaction for me.

The mirror is still to go up, and the white butler’s table holding the red lamp needs a paint job on the table top. The little cross stitched cloth on the dressing table I did when I was 9 years old and in hospital for nearly a year, and that was MANY YEARS AGO!  The embroidered-lidded jewelry dish was passed down from The Hubby's mother.  Both items are really appropriate for Yana's room as she loves embroidery.

Really I think we’ve done a good job sticking with the inspiration photo.

Happy days.

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  1. The room looks great, I love the curtains and you made a wonderful job. You could also add a small check red and white decorative cushion for the bed to tie it all together, mixing and matching floral and checks looks great. I love it and your handsome fellow looks like he is more than happy to spend the afternoon there.

    Lee :)