Friday, April 18, 2014


Hi there,

I hope your Easter is going well.  It’s been a bit chaotic here as I came down with a head cold.  Not what you want when it’s holiday time.

Have you ever done those style quizzes where they tell you what kind of decorating style you lean towards?  Normally they come back with country, city, urban that sort of thing, but I found a quiz the other day on  Unable to resist I took the quiz.  Surprisingly,  I quite agree with the outcome.

I lean towards Farmhouse Glam

According to Home Goods,  Farmhouse Glam is the delicate, exquisite balance between beautiful femininity and rustic nonchalance. She's all about the discovery of unexpected sparkle amidst the less polished. She wears high heels and a denim jacket, a string of pearls and bare feet. And her home feels as special as it does comfortable.

This is the sort of style I admire here 

As I've mentioned before, I'm a color girl.  Most of these are white or cream walls, white on white.  I  look at these styles and wonder what I can take from it and make my own, given the restrictions of not being able to throw out all my furniture  (a dream, or being able to win the lottery)
White slip-covered sofas, baskets, rough hewn surfaces of wood, painted furniture.  Flowers. Candles.  Unusual combinations of glitz and stone, even metal and wrought iron.

Thinking along this line I had a little bit of time to spare the other day and popped into one of my favourite shops, Romantique.   It’s always inspiring.
I love their chippy furniture, the rustic-ness of it all.  The chandeliers, lovely glass drawer pulls.  The style quiz also said of Farmhouse Glam ... it is very approachable elegance, layering texture rather than color to create a look that is modern and rustic. Chandeliers above picnic tables. Ornate candlesticks alongside weathered pieces.
 (Apologies if some of the pics are a bit dark, inside a huge shop and it was raining bucket loads outside and dark and dismal)

This cabinet was huge - imagine it in a farmhouse kitchen

See,  some color!  And of course metal accessories 

Chippy heaven

Mercury glass, china, antique dolls, brass urns, cane, and a lovely farmhouse table.
It makes me scan my house hunting for items i can use

More pink, wallpaper this time.  The store had a few of these chairs, painted in different colors

Another chippy and huge armoire.  

This one I want to bring home with me.  I have the perfect spot for it

And if you're into repurposing which is really what it's all about, why not put antique drawer pulls and handles on your piece of lovely

Sometimes when you visit these stores there is so much to see it's overwhelming.  I think you need (read...i need) to go home, think it through and hunt the house.  But definitely some white furniture seating, chippy furniture and bit of crystal glam is in order.

Happy days everyone



  1. Jane this makes me quite antique shop looked like this.

  2. I would be in heaven in a place like that Shirley