Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello everyone.

I’ve got the crafting, fluffing around the house bug! 

Firstly I perused Pinterest - yes I know, again - and again and again.  

Here's some egg candy (as in eye candy inspiration,

These look beautiful, but I think rather time-consuming, maybe best for a rainy day

And I couldn't resist another wreath love - it looks so sweet
I am so going to try this one - just love it.

My little effort however was rather safe and quick.  

I found some lovely glittery eggs on wooden sticks which I thought were cute and using what I could find around the house (call me cheapo) I made another version of an Easter basket.  The bucket is tin and I used purple raffia, cutting it up like straw atop the dry oasis and just poked the egg sticks into oasis.   I think it’s a little off center so I kept playing around with it.  Hopeuflly it doesn’t look too bad.

  Fun, not perfect - this needs to be my mantra.


  1. Jane this is really beautiful ... I love your Easter basket ... alas my broken arm precludes and fun crafty things from me this Easter

  2. Thanks Shirley it was fun - and easy to do. Trying to do crafty things in lieu of writing during my mini sabatical