Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hi there everyone.

Hope you're having a great week.  
As I mentioned in my first post we have recently painted the master bedroom purple. 
When you want to change a room, or hey why not the entire house, sometime it’s really overwhelming.  Where do you start?  What is the inspiration? 

In our last house we were going to paint the walls of the lounge, and then we mentioned to the painter we were going to carpet too.  His comment, which was really great advice – choose the flooring first, because paint can be tinted to compliment anything, where as flooring is fixed.

Our inspiration point was this Maurice Kain fabric.

See all the color options!  Two shades of pink, purple, then there's green and yellow and tiny bit of orange, plus the off white background!  My daughter found this fabric, and it was our jumping off point after going back and forwards choosing paint colors for the walls.  Hence we went for the purple!  You can see a bit of it behind the fabric.  This fabric will be used (hopefully soon) for a big padded bed head.  The fabric too gives me lots of ideas for bedside cabinet colors

  Fabric details if you want to check it out

Here are some bedhead styles I've been considering.

   Lots of shapes to choose from 

Love the gentle shape of this

This shows that heavy pattern can work

The Hubby doesn’t want nails in the wall so the option of screwing the headboard into the wall won’t be happening.  Our old bedhead had two posts that were screwed into base of the bed, so I think that’s the way we’ll have to go.
Something like this ***

 All images are via Pinterest

More color love

Drop me a comment below and let me know the shape you like best.
I’m quite keen on the floral one, just because it proves that pattern can work, but I also like the quite high one too.
Decisions, decisions!!!

See you later in the week

Happy days



  1. Hi Jane. I love the purple wall colour :)
    I can imagine the material headboard as a padded rectangle with buttons. If the headboard is too high the big pattern might take over rather than compliment. I love the pattern and the colours. Can't wait to see your progress

  2. Thanks Tyree, am getting excited now it's starting to come together. Hopefully will twist hubby's arm into helping with the headboard in the next couple of weeks.