Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello everyone

Monday of Easter week is already here and so that means it's all rush toward the holiday.  Thankfully I've gotten my camera problems sorted.  So frustrating when you're not a techie person!

But one of the projects I wanted to get done this week is to get some ideas for how I want to set our table for Easter Sunday.   We’re having my mother around for Easter lunch. She’s just turned 90 and in a wheel chair so doesn’t get out so much now.  I decided to make it a special occasion for her and played around with table settings and seeing what would look –Easter-ish.

Here's what I came up with.

Oops I just noticed the box of art/photos on the table to the left of this picture - that's another awaiting project - coming soon!

But back to the table.
Firstly I chose a tablecloth that was originally my mother’s which she brought in Austria years ago.  It has roosters on it, so I thought that was kinda Easter-ish! 

I’m a long time collector of Carlton Ware and so thought I would like to use this for the table setting as something different.  I intend to serve finger food – recipes and ideas for Easter food coming later this week and though I put out cutlery we probably won’t need it.

The serviettes are fabric and edged in red rickrack (zig zag) which I think match nicely with the vintage table cloth.  Blue drinking glasses (I’m a long time blue glass fan) helps set the scene, but hopefully it is my effort of a basket that I hope is the finishing touch.

The basket I have had for a while and I’ve filled it with silk tulips and a bunch of silk roses, plus some green sparkly stuff. Not sure if it goes with it, but I thought it was cute in the shop.  And of course a few little fluffy chicks atop pine cones from the trees in our yard add to the country scene.

What do you think?  I know I’ll not make top of the basket titivating class, but heck it was fun to do and isn’t that what it’s all about.  Nesting, creating and crafting to make a home you love!

Happy days


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