Friday, April 11, 2014


Hello everyone,

Hope your week is going well.  In my little paradise I’ve been spending a disgusting amount of time on Pinterest.  I tell myself it’s research, but The Hubby simply rolls his eyes.
One of the things that’s so much fun about this passion of design and nesting is the chance to play around with things, move them around, tweak here and there.  The children’s comment is usually that mum’s at it again!
So that’s exactly what I have been doing – playing, tweaking, shopping the house for nick nacks to create different vignette’s on a particular table.
This table to be exact which we found dumped behind a shed in a property we lived in years ago.  The Hubby restored it.  Currently it resides just inside our family room.

That's an old (very battered and rusty) tin trunk beneath the glass table.  How i wish those electrical fittings weren't there though!

This house is lovely and light, with LOTS of windows which is lovely but – it means there are not a lot of walls to hang art, or rest furniture against etc, which can be a tad frustrating.
Today I’m creating four vignettes – do let me know which you like (hopefully you’ll like at least one LOL) .  

It was fun hunting through the house, finding things I’d forgotten I had, and also rethinking how things could be used.  Here’s my pile.

First up i wanted to use some natural elements, hence the bamboo (i think) woven heart, the flax basket and the dried lavender heart.  The crochet cloth is one my mother made years ago and the tins are ones I collected and are holding a bunch of silver servers.  Some of my beloved decorating books are residing on the trunk.  I think this could still look a little empty - what do you think?

Second up is a heart shape card holder (thingy) with a bunch of old family photos, a cyclamen I've had for 2 years and which has constantly flowered, antique cups and saucers and the vintage embroidered cushion

Coming in third is one with things I borrowed from my daughter who has recently moved back home - as they do!  The Carltonware I've been collecting for years, picking it up mostly at flea markets and again it's the cloth my mother crocheted.

The cacti and clock is the daughters. I always think plants give life to a room, even better when I don't kill them with kindness.

And lastly a vignette in blue. 

At last I've managed to sort of hide those light switches. The lighting is a bit off in these last two as I had to take the photos at night due to camera tantrums!

 So there you are.  Pretty, not perfect, but it doesn't have to be.  It was however really fun to do this and I really enjoyed myself.  I hope you like it too.
Do drop me a comment and tell me which one you like the most, because tomorrow I'm going to re do the table with the most popular one.  Or maybe you have an idea for me.  Do let me know

Happy days

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