Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hi everyone,
Hope you’re having a great day.  So the first blog post is under my belt! Yay.  Wasn’t so scary after all.

So how do you cope with life?  With all the STUFF you have to do, want to do, but can’t find the time. Is your brain crowded. There's never enough time.

 Three months ago I found a great idea on www.foreverorganised.blogspot.com.au  A truly wonderful site full of inspiring ideas.  One was called The Big List – and basically it’s a list of all the projects, large and small that you want to do – SOMETIME. 

What I did was go through the house as if I was a real estate agent and list projects for each room.  A curtain here, a folding table there etc.  Lots of little things. Lists for the freezer, a grocery shopping list, re do the pantry etc – and by writing them down, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming and I get the immense pleasure of being able to cross them off when they’re done.  Be sure to add some fun things too, a craft project, an outing you’ve wanted to do for ages.  It’s can’t be all work and no play right!

Here’s my list to give you an idea. 

Lavender bags
Freezer list/clip board
Organize handbag
Photo albums
Party box – collect serviettes, candles, decorative table accessories to have on hand
Easter box – gather Easter decorative items


Meal Planner
Print off meal planner form and add to grocery list, plan meal for week
Recipe Binder
Folders for Meat, Chicken, Vegetables, others, Vegan recipes
Print off cover and spine 

Garage/bbq box

Emergency kits
Create emergency kit from emergency book
Gardening area
Sort through seeds, gardening tools. 
Camping Area
Sort through camping gear. 
Label larder shelves.  Make a Larder inventory check list
Boxes for freezer, freezer inventory check list
Brush/vacuum area
Hang brushes/brooms.  Hook for vacuum hose
Barbecue area
Gather bbq accessories into easy transportable box
Select wallpaper, paint, curtain fabric, artwork, side tables?, wardrobe doors, cushions, bedding, lamps, chandelier, clean out wardrobe/winter clothes/shoes/jewelry/scarves
Art, storage, cleaning kit
Choose paint color, paint walls, art, paint cupboard doors white, reorganize cupboards, fix sink, bench installation, floating shelf installation, buy new ironing board, containers for cupboards, draw up shelving plan/storage plan, lavender bags, shoe cleaning box, clean under tub, hooks for brooms, rug for floor (buy new one?) , CLEANING CADDY STOCK, craft art work
Recover sofa, buy a 2nd cane chair, resort out cushions, sort out china cabinet. create party box
Hang Mirror, find table with drawers?
Redo art work, hang other art work, hem curtains, paint white table top, sort out wardrobe, clean windows, pillow protectors, new pillows, head board, NEW BED
Buy bed, buy duvet, pillows, pillow protectors and mattress protectors. paint wall – warm rose???, sort out wardrobe, bedside tables, art work, lamps
ART work, towels, laundry basket, bathmat, soap/toothbrush holder. paint walls
Paint walls,/tongue/grove up walls?? art work, hand basin, mirror,  rug, shelf
totally reorganize  put in backing  = recheck shelves

Get rid of sewing table, clear out old books, the hubby to sort out his magazines/books, purchase filing cabinet, set up filing cabinet, buy new printer, clear des   clear desk, set up drawers/desk, MIRROR, backing for bookshelves
Filing cabinet
Purchase cabinet, slings, color dividers, decide on categories, sort, purge,
Create labels for files. File papers


Create In Mail
Purchase small basket, add scissors, pen, stapler, highlighter, dividers, titles  receipts, bills, ***
Six List
Create six list form for daily use
Weekly List
Create weekly list  - consider location
Daily List
Create daily list – consider location
Cupboard storage list
Create master list
Create a project binder room/room
Create a decorating/project binder of ideas for each room

Now I know my list is huge but believe me, when it's written down, it's much easier to contemplate.

Some questions for you:
So what do you do to keep yourself organized, and prevent that overwhelming sensation of never being able to get things done or get ahead?

Now there is one problem of course.  We who crave to be organized get all excited about checklists, planners etc. Just go search on Pinterest to see the multitude of list ideas.  But do we use them? Or do they sit collecting dust, a bit like exercise machines? 

Interesting to know if lists work for you!
And of course, what sort of lists would you like to have?  I have some posts coming about diaries, grocery lists, freezer and menu planning. 

See you again soon


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