Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello blogging world

I’m here. Now don’t all rush in…well, yeah, do.  Actually I do hope you find me.  It’s taken a while to get up the courage to begin this little blog, but here I am.  What is it I hope to bring you?
Well, it’ll be a little bit me, a little bit you, a little bit of decorating, organizing, and crafts, maybe a recipe or two, and hopefully a whole lot of fun and inspiration.  If this sounds a little bit like a Marie and Donny Osmond song, you can blame it on Vegas when I saw Marie in concert last year!  Fab show, so worth the $$ to go, but not the attack of the elevator to moi after the show, but I digress because that is an entirely different story!!
About two or three years ago I discovered the world of decorating blogs and fell in love.  I mean who wouldn’t love reading up about the wonderfully talented bloggers out there who transform their homes into swoon worthy pictures of loveliness.  But you know real life gets in the way. How could my home be so lovely? How could I be so organized? How could it look perfect?
Well, of course the answer is it can’t and so I got me some thinking done and realized that I can make my home the best it can be.  I hope to show that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be lovely and comforting. 
So where to start?
Today…. Color!  Or not to color?
Firstly let me say I am NOT  a beige kinda gal.  I mean at my advanced (cough cough) age I’ve given up beige(gray) and am now a redhead!  Loving it!
And so too with my home.  We moved to our little slice of paradise  - 10 acres of bush and wonderful native birds – three years ago.  Of course the house was property seller’s beige.  Yuk! 
Now the change starts with my bedroom at last.  Iadmit I love the decorating styles of DEAR LILLIE 

but I just don’t think I could live with such neutrals.  Luckily I managed to convince the hubby to go for color.  The conversation went a little like this

What about blue?.
Nope we had blue in the last house
Too girly
Hmmm Maybe
Got ya! 
Delighted to have snagged a maybe I scoured the paint shop for every purple under the sun
Finally we agreed on this purple on the bedhead wall (okay we don’t have a bed head yet but it will come), and maybe a blush of pink on the other  three walls.
Painter came and painted with Dulux Lake Pukaki on the bedhead wall and a half tint of Titi Islands on the other three walls
This was a BIG OOPSIE!!  Now I’m a girly girl, I wear lots of pink but this was a big no no. 
It might grow on you hubby says. Leave it a couple of days
It didn’t.   Again I get the hubby to trust me (ha ha ha) and tell Mr Painter to go the whole hog with purple on all four walls.
The result - I’m in love!  The purple is GLORIOUS. 

(Now don't look at the stuff on the bed, remember it doesn't have to be perfect!)

So the morale of this story is if the wife is happy, hubby will happy too – hopefully.

So that’s the saga of our bedroom, but wait, there’s more to come. Curtains, bedhead, side tables, oh an art work… yep it’s definitely a work in progress in My Imperfect Paradise.

Happy days everyone and pop back for more adventures.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder it doesn't have to be perfect. Just making a start is often the hardest part but I remember the thrill when we painted a bedroom purple with white above the picture rails and a white ceiling and white bedding. Gorgeous and romantic. Mydaughter opted for a single purple feature wall and loved it too. Oh, and we had to wait ages before we got the bedhead too! Looking forward to more posts, Jane!

  2. Thanks Susanne for popping in. Yes, i'm loving my purple bedroom, and can't wait to get the other features all completed.

  3. Congratulations on the launch of your blog, I look forward to following along your home journey.

    Wow! that purple packs a powerful punch and I admire you taking the plunge. It has turned out wonderful and gives your bedroom a look of luxury. The rich colour goes so well with your 4 poster bed. I am the beige/greige woman with a home painted to sell but I admire those who have the courage to use colour and should I have a much larger home I most likely would be bolder with my choice....I do have a lot of colour by way of accessories though.

    I look forward to more of your journey.

    Lee :)

  4. Hi Lee, thanks for coming along with me on this
    THe 4 poster is a pinterest pic, but my bedroom is the two following purple colors. No full pic of the bedroom yet until i've got more done - curtains, bedhead, accessories and hopefully some new bedside cabinets!
    Want to buy some of those and repaint - a bold yellow or aqua or....hmmm decisions, decisions