Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello everyone

With the bad weather we've been having lately, I've really wanted to just stay inside.  So it gave me the opportunity to finish a project of very special and heartfelt importance.

Remember lately I knitted a cushion and posted it about it (here).

Well, as I have mentioned before my mother passed away in May. One of the things we brought home was her crotcheting.  She was making a rug at the time of her death, and in her honor I decided I would finish it.

Well it's done.

It took a while to get done, interrupted by a sprained wrist one week, and another week a fall that cracked a rib (yes i've been in the wars!).  Anyway all healed now so I got back to the rug.

One of the interesting things, that like the knitted cushion, I hadn't crotched for about thirty years.  I had to google and youtube instructions how to do the stitch but they weren't really clear enough.  In the end I went down to my local Spotlight craft store and asked if they had any staff who could crotchet.  One of them said yes and she took me aside for about 15 minutes, got a ball of wool and crotchet hook and began to teach me.

It was so kind and thoughtful of her to do this. I was thrilled.

So home I got and pulled out the rug and off I went.   Then I hit a corner - oops, how do you go around corners.  Well, there were several attempts and one booboo, but I think it's hidden. And if not, too bad, because as I always say, it doesn't have to be perfect.  I just had to do it.

And I'm so happy to say that I finished it on Saturday afternoon.

I'm sure mum would be thrilled that it's done, and the interesting thing is that it is in all the colors of my bedroom which was painted earlier in the year.  I wonder if mum had that in mind?

Happy days



  1. Love the colour combination, simply gorgeous, your so clever!

  2. Thanks Kat, it was definitely a labor of love.

  3. I am so glad you finished that peice for her Jane, she will be looking down smiling. Actually co-incidental as I promised my mum that I would paint again and this week I have actually started to put paint to canvas and co-incidentally on the second anniversary of her passing. I didn't plan it to be that day, it just worked out like that.

    Your duvet looks like the white waffle one I am after for my guest room. The purple and mauves of the crochet co-ordinate perfectly with those cushions.

    I am going to buy some huge knitting needles and start to knit a chunky throw for my sofa for next winter.

    Lee :)