Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hi everyone

Nearing the middle of the week. How's it going?

Pinterest is what has stopped me in my tracks this week. There are so many beautiful rooms and ideas out there, so inspiring and drool worthy!  I did a little research (call it procrastination!) on Pinterest the other day.  Oh my oh my.  Here are some which have left me drooling.
 Via Berengia.tumblr on pinterest

Boy is this a punch of color for a front door. Not sure if I like it, though I seem to have a thing for purple lately, but it sure does get your attention. However, I do love the front door basket with hydrangeas.
While I'm definitely a color gal, I do love this look, the bringing of nature inside, the wicker baset etc, and of course love me some curved legs.    This is from Dear Lillie 
Via French Charmed on Pinterest

Again, isn't it funny how I gravitate towards this monochromatic look when I vow I'm addicted to color.  It's making me think things - just a little.  But love that chandelier and the rustic door used for a headboard.  Remember that coffee grain sack I recently brought at the flea market.  I feel (another) cushion coming on perhaps!  

Via its-mademoiselle-love.tumblr  on Pinterest

It's blue, it's frilly, what's not to love!

Via Shades of Turquoise - pinterest

More blue.  You could call it an addiction. But I see these nesting tables all the time at the second hand shops and flea markets.  Gives a gal ideas!!!
Via Traditional Homes - pinterest

Love the mix of blue/patterns here.  Very restful.

Via Hung up on Wreaths - pinterest

Isn't this pretty.  Am now hunting out for a basket that's not too heavy to hang up.  Might try this for one of my wreaths of the month!

via on Pinterest

Love the lanterns. Have been looking for a while for indoor lanterns for my lounge and entry way, but no luck.  If anyone is reading this and is from the Auckland region, and spies some, do let me know.

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  1. Lovely headboard ideas, I do love the rustic one, I think I have featured that in the past too, as one of my favourites. I am still unfortunately not receiving your updates, maybe you need to go into your Feed and see if there is a problem.

    Lee :)