Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello everyone

Can you believe it, we’re nearly at the weekend and in fact it’s nearly may.  Soon enough we’ll be in countdown for Christmas!  Oh the thought of it!

This week I’ve found myself drooling over pictures of homes and rooms that have that delicious factor that calls to something in me.  It can be color, styling, accessories, or just the plain overall soothing-ness of it all – actually I wonder if soothing-ness is a real word, but you get the idea.

Before the Internet I relied on my monthly magazine hit to feed my need to view design and details and inspiration for crafting and creating my own home to love.  Over the years my style has changed, thankfully I’m no longer decorating in the lolly pink and pale gray of the 80s.  Yes I had lolly candy walls, I confess!
However, I will admit I still like pink. 

Anyway, now we have blogs.  They feed my need for inspiration.

One of the first blogs I began to read was The Nester.  Her motto is – it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  This I think is something we all need to remember.  Pictures are just that – pictures and not always real life.  However, it doesn’t stop us getting ideas, clarifying how we want to decorate our own spaces.
For example. 

 (the above three photos are from The Nester)

Excitingly, The Nester is about to release a book called The Nesting Place 

 The Amazon blurb on the book says - Perfection is overrated.
Popular blogger and self-taught decorator Myquillyn Smith (The Nester) is all about embracing reality---especially when it comes to decorating a home bursting with boys, pets, and all the unpredictable messes of life. In The Nesting Place, Myquillyn shares the secrets of decorating for real people---and it has nothing to do with creating a flawless look to wow your guests. It has everything to do with embracing the natural imperfection and chaos of daily living.***

I have already ordered my copy.

Also releasing a book is Canadian interior designer extraordinaire and HGTV.CA design guru Sarah Richardson.  Have you ever caught her program Sarah 101, or Sarah’s House, and Design Inc. 

Sarah’s book – titled – Sarah Style is due out this year.  This, like The Nester’s book will be definitely drool worthy.  While I know we get our design fixes from pouring over pics on the zillion of blogs out in cyberspace, there is nothing like sitting down with a design book for inspiration.  One you can look at over and over again.  

Amazon says of Sarah Style - Ever wondered how to transform your laundry room from drab to fab? Your kitchen from prison to paradise? Your bedroom from boring to beautiful?

Now you can, in this comprehensive interior design tome by design maven extraordinaire Sarah Richardson. Within these beautiful, full-color pages and photographs, Sarah walks you through each room in your home, from the master bedroom to the kids’ rooms, to the kitchen, the bathroom, and everywhere in between, showing you how to turn a house into a home—Sarah style.

More of Sarah's style

I remember when she did this bathroom makeover.  The mirrored panels were vintage mirror and looked fabulous.

So if you're in need of a design fix, definitely go check out these two 

Happy days, and drooling!



  1. Oh, I love those rooms you have chosen and I do like Sarahs designs, I will have to check out The Nester, I haven't heard of that blog. There is so much inspiration on the internet it is hard to stay away from the computer these days. I still go to the library weekly and get my stash of magazines, they always look at me as I gather up around 15 magazines and bring them back a few days later. I have to do my rounds of the local libraries to make sure I don't keep getting ones I have read. The Remuera library and Parnell are a great source.

    I somehow didn't get the email updates so I have signed up again.

    Lee :)

  2. Hi Lee, thanks for popping by. I'm a magazine nut too. I hate to think how much i've spent over the years, but hey, it's a passion. I prefer the American magazines, though buy Ideal Homes British version. But i love the BH&G Decorating. mag, and Organizing, plus Cottage Homes

    What are your favorites.