Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hi everyone.
Well Easter is done and dusted and for us here in New Zealand our ANZAC day or (Remembrance Day) is over and done with so it’s all back to grindstone.

However today I played hooky for one more day and headed off to the Browns Bay Market.  This is a local flea market where antiques and memorabilia are sold along side fruit and veggies, and food stalls.  The market occupies the carpark area of a shopping area that doesn’t really open much on Sunday.

So I headed down there with the two daughters to seek a bargain or two.  The idea was to try and find things I could use around the home and do a little project or two. 

Okay, I will admit that the first two things I found were handbags – a definite score at $2.00 each! 

Next came a coffee bean sack – not sure what they sell for in the US but I got this one for $4.00 and it’s in really good condition and some flax placemats..

My next score was a little metal bottle holder or perhaps I could put candles in it.  It has no bottom on it, so whatever goes in will need to be quite a firm fit.

A beautifully antiqued gold picture frame joined me next, and I’m already planning a project for this.

I didn't really notice the rather risque print in this frame until now.  That's going.

Last but not least was a cool basket – all rope and rustic.  Project Basket is already underway, and I hope to show you that tomorrow.

A few things I saw – lanterns, tin watering cans – they were a bit dear and the sellers wouldn’t budge on price – I could have kicked myself as I’ve tossed those items out before, and now I want them back.

Also saw lots of antique linens.

I was tempted, but I actually have some of my mother's which are awaiting a project.   

So all in all I was really happy with my haul and will definitely go again.  
Pop back tomorrow for an update on project basket.

Happy days



  1. I love vintage and antique linens. These you have shown are lovely.

  2. Hi Betty Ann. Yes i'm a linen lover too. Come back soon as i have an antique linen project - something very simple!