Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hi everyone.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Down here it was lovely weather, but the bad bit was a flat tire on the freeway – scary – especially with a car load of teenage girls!

I thought to day I would show you the heart wall that is growing bigger above my computer in my home office.

Some years ago I realized I seemed to be collecting things with hearts. Not quite sure why, but they tugged at me in some way. 

Then my daughter gave me some embroidery in a heart, so I framed that.  She has done embroidery for years  - I showed you a cushion of hers a while back. 

So far I have a wooden heart that I brought in USA about 5 years ago.  Love the rustic-ness of it, and then the ceramic one below I think was a gift.

 Then to mix it up I’ve added a photo of The Family- it was taken a few years ago – I had no gray hair then LOL.

The believe I brought in a Christmas shop, but it’s never quite gotten onto the Christmas tree yet and the red cane heart was something I was meant to do for Christmas too.

The create word wooden cut out was from a local craft market.  Aren’t they great for little finds?  We have about 3 farmers markets and a flea market within about 15 minutes drive, so there’s lots of opportunity for rummaging for nick knacks.

The heart card holder came from one of those scrummy shops that you drool over and holds family photos of my parents and their wedding and my childhood. 

Lavender is probably my most favorite flower and this lavender wreath in a heart shape had no chance of escape and had to come home with me when I spied it at a garden center.

And of course the cane heart is that little bit of rustic farmhouse glam that I’m trying for (not sure if I’m succeeding, but hey it’s fun trying).

Do you collect? 

I must admit I’m trying NOT to collect so much stuff these days.  I think too much confuses life and the home and a home needs to breathe.

Jot me a comment and let me know what you love to collect or what you’ve let go!

Happy days.

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