Sunday, May 11, 2014


Hello everyone

I’m back.  Well, kinda.  I’m physically getting posts together, but I must say my heart is hollow and I’m feeling a great sadness that’s hard to cope with.
However… the day mum was rushed into hospital we were actually sorting through curtain fabric choices for my bedroom, so even she would say, keep on keeping on.

So just a small post today – baby steps!

Mother’s Day was on Sunday and my eldest daughter gave me this lovely canvas of a photo she had turned into art of our dog Bingo.  Bingo is my baby. He was an abused puppy which was rescued and subsequently we adopted him 7 years ago.  I adore him, and he just loves our family.  All weekend he spent chasing around our lifestyle block while The Hubby and others hauled dead wood from one of the paddocks.

So I thought I would create a little vignette with my beloved dog and a little bit of nostalgia.  This narrow wall is to the right of the kitchen and next to the openway that moves between our family room and the dining room/lounge.

The wall is blank.  It’s a bit like my heart.

So I guess I have to start filling it up with things I love.

First off, Bingo has to be put in position.  

Doesn’t he look cute?  He’s a Springer Spaniel/Jack Russell.  And yes, this is a photo canvas.

Of course something has to be blue as it’s my favorite color.  So on goes a new version of a vintage clock. 

Next up is some linen napkins in a basket. Then this triangular plate I brought at a school fair years ago for 50cents.  There’s a tiny chip on it, but hey it’s a fabulous Parisian scene and I love it.  Normally it hangs on the wall somewhere. 

Beside it is a vintage milk jug which belonged to my mother in law.  She also passed away just recently – yes we’ve lost both grandmas in 17days!!

But what could be better than putting in some lovely flowers that were sent to us from friends when they heard about our loss.  They are fading a bit now, but they look so pretty.

So, I’m back, a bit slower, but back and aiming to get into the projects I had on hand before life took over.
Oh... I nearly forgot, the candle smells deliciously of gardenia!

Happy days


  1. I feel for you very much Jane, I still have a photo of my mother on my desk and smile at her every day. I am pleased that you are able to take your mind off things for a short while to put together this vignette. Your little dog Bingo is gorgeous, he will give you unconditional love during this difficult time.

    The vignette is very pretty, those flowers look far from fading and you will have photo memories. I love the old clock, the vignette is fresh and pretty.

    Lee :)

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for popping by. Yes, Bingo is getting super extra hugs at the moment.