Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hi everyone

I have a confession.  A secret addiction… well not so secret to my family though.  I am addicted to cushions.  All colors, styles, sizes, shapes. Blinged up, or not.  With frills, sequins, lace, embroidery, or just plain.  I love them.  The Hubby of course just dumps them rather unceremoniously onto the floor.  He thinks they’re simply bits of unnecessary fluff while I however think they give that extra little bit of  ‘pretty’ to a room.  They are of course rather helpful to moi.  I’m short, so a little bit of added puff from behind in the shape of a cushion does not go amiss.

The oldest cushions I appeared in one of my first posts.

This was my mother in laws and is ever the more special as she passed away just two weeks ago. 

The other vintage cushion was embroidered by my mother.  

 But there is one that is rather special.  It’s tatty, the picture that was once on it now long gone.  But I’ll never throw it out.  

This was given to me by The Hubby – before he had that title.  We’d only just met, (on a blind date) and I came down with the flu.  He arrived with a big box and inside was this heart shaped cushion.  That was 32 years ago!

The next rather special cushion is this one.

It’s patterned fabric that is then embroidered over the pattern and this was made by my daughter, Yana.

Here is a sampling of the cushions from around the house.  

 And the cushion covers that are in storage

My most recent purchase 

Cushions can be expensive so I definitely look out for them in sales.  I have been known to sew them of course.  There were the scarlet and purple velvet cushions that went on my black leather sofa in the 90s.  Then there was the floral and frilly things that were part of my country theme in the 80s. 

Then of course there are the themed cushions  - well I only have one, but...

Now I have a penchant for another type of cushion.  Something knitted.  Me knitting.  I mean I’ve only ever knitted four times in my life and one of those was sitting beside my Nana as she taught me.  Please don’t ask me to follow a pattern, or to knit plain and purl stitch at the same time.  It’ll be one, or the other.  That’s it.  But then, it doesn’t have to be perfect, does it.  It’s all about the journey, the doing, and it has to be fun.

When my youngest daughter arrived home last night  this was the response

Mum, you’re knitting.
Well, yes, I can do it you know
Would you knit me a scarf?
You could do it yourself
Oh, but mum, you’re so good at knitting.
Hah!   I looked down at the wool in my lap.  I am aren’t I?  I haven’t dropped a stitch yet!

Happy days – and knitting
Do pop back to see the progress.


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